“Michael Barnard’s vast experience as a film-maker
provides a totally unobtrusive environment for subject and
He articulates the ‘essence of subject’  rather than the
cumbersome details of technical apparatus and process.
Additionally, mastery of the idiom allows him to transcend,
characterize, and embellish his topics with more acuity
than one would expect.
There’s good reason why subjects as difficult to portray as
the Maharishi, Chihuly, and I.M. Pei relied on his ‘magic’
and expertise”.

Paul Harryn, Artist, 2012

“I love the film that Michael Barnard made for me. It is of the highest quality and
creatively outstanding.”

Linda Jacobson – Artist 2012

“I’ve worked with Michael for over a decade on many projects, and what I love about
working with him is that the quality of his work is always exceptional. He’s a true
filmmaker, so even a two minute short ends up looking and sounding like a trailer for
a full length feature. Michael really knows how to create a visually compelling story on
film, and his ideas are always fresh and surprising – responsive to the materials he’s
been given, and he is always professional, which is why we keep hiring him.”

Jan Williamson
Executive Director – 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, California